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Centennial Montessori

Welcome to Centennial Montessori, where we empower children to thrive through authentic Montessori education, fostering their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth.

About Us

Nestled south of Denver, near Greenwood Village, we are an authentic Montessori school with a mission to educate and spread Dr. Maria Montessori’s timeless system of education to children and families from birth through 6 years old. While cognitive development is vital to a child’s growth, our qualified, loving and nurturing staff additionally models social, emotional and physical development through lessons and meaningful work, catering to the whole child. Montessori education in the first 6 years of a child’s life paves the road for the child to be her best self, and Centennial Montessori is here to support exactly that.

Why Choose Us

Montessori follows the child’s interests and developmental readiness. The child has lessons modeled by a trained Head Guide who observes the child based on these two components. The child then has the freedom to practice this lesson repeatedly and independently until mastery.

Our Communities

Welcome to our Montessori Community Classrooms, where students of different ages come together to create a nurturing and collaborative learning environment. In our classrooms, younger children are inspired and guided by older children, while the older ones gain confidence and mastery by teaching and mentoring their younger peers. Each level, from Nido to Toddler to Primary, is designed based on the child’s developmental milestones, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Unlike traditional classrooms that group children solely by age, our mixed-age approach allows for natural socialization, reduced behavioral problems, and a focus on individual readiness rather than arbitrary age-based transitions. At our Montessori Community Classrooms, children flourish in a diverse and supportive community.


Nido (“nest” in Italian) is a cozy and loving space intentionally designed for your baby’s rapid development. This infant classroom serves children ages 6 weeks up to 18 months. Your child will develop their core and overall gross motor development in an apparatus free-environment.


Our toddler environment is designed to support the curiosity of your ever-evolving little one. We focus on giving them the independence they desire within a space that is both safe and challenging.​Our toddlers are empowered with daily experiences in which they can authentically engage in preparing food, pouring and measuring, and cleaning up messes.


The Primary environment provides children two and a half to six years old a splendid opportunity for work and play independently as well as in group settings. This program is intended to be a three year cycle and is your child’s first introduction to an academic learning environment. While continuing to provide daily practical life skills, we also enrich each child with math, language, science, geography, sensory/motor and cultural studies.

School Gallery

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Exceptional Education and Caring Community

” At Centennial Montessori, our daughters have thrived for over 3 years. The outstanding teachers and administrators genuinely care for our children, ensuring their well-being and growth. We are amazed by what our kids are learning, like the fascinating explanation of the moon’s visibility. The positive approach of the teachers is exceptional, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience at Centennial Montessori. Read the full review.

Tracy and Matt

Meaningful Growth and Independence

” After exploring various daycare centers and preschools, we found our favorite in Centennial Montessori. Our daughter’s growth has been remarkable, transitioning from Nido to Toddler to the independent child she is today in the Primary program. The Montessori environment values her individuality, with teachers guiding her along a personalized path of development. We are grateful for the meaningful and purposeful growth she experiences, fostering self-sufficiency and independence. Read the full review.

Angela and William

Nurturing Creativity, Independence, and Kindness

” Centennial Montessori is helping my children to be creative problem solvers, independent thinkers, and caring human beings. The teachers are so encouraging and supportive. And the directors are doing such a great job putting policies and procedures in place to keep children and staff safe during the time of COVID. Maria Montessori would be proud of how her legacy lives on at Centennial Montessori.Read the full review.

Meg and Andrew

Our Location

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Join us for a personalized 30-minute tour every Thursday at 9:30 AM, where we will guide you through our enriching programs, discuss enrollment details, showcase our daily schedule, and address any queries you may have. Schedule your tour now by clicking the Calendly link below and embark on a journey of educational excellence and discovery.