Why Choose Us

Montessori is a place where education comes alive and children’s natural curiosity is nurtured. With a focus on child-centered learning, mixed-age classrooms, and purposeful materials, we strive to create an environment where every child feels valued and empowered.
Montessori follows the child’s interests and developmental readiness. The child has lessons modeled by a trained Head Guide who observes the child based on these two components. The child then has the freedom to practice this lesson repeatedly and independently until mastery. Extensions or new concepts are then modeled to the child, depending on his interest and, again, readiness. In a traditional learning environment, a child and classmates would learn from a topic decided by the teacher. There are variations of this same topic to meet the different learning styles of the children. However, the whole class moves together to complete the topic and move on to the next.

Montessori classrooms are comprised of students of multiple ages to allow younger children to be inspired and taught by older children, a natural time of developmental milestones to take place, and the older children to gain confidence and mastery of skills by teaching the younger children. Each level (Nido, Toddler, and Primary) is created based on the planes of development which are separated into cycles. Therefore, Nido ranges from 6 weeks to 18 months, Toddlers from 14 months to 3 years old, and Primary from 2 ½ to 6 years old. Because we honor the child’s readiness, he can transition to the next level within an appropriate range of time because of his personal development rather than according to an age or move up date on a calendar. Within this environment, there tends to be fewer behavioral problems because of the balance of mixed ages. Traditional classrooms are grouped by age (typically one year at a time). When there are many children of the same age in one classroom, they tend to mimic each other’s actions and behaviors and feed off of one another which can be positive or negative.

Children in a Montessori classroom have freedom of choice and movement. This is earned and has limitations. A child may choose to do whatever work he has had a lesson on for as long as he wants to so long as the work is being respected and done properly. There is only one of any type of work in the classroom (there are not multiple sets of the same material), which limits who can use a material and allows children to practice multiple lessons throughout their morning. In a traditional environment, children sit at a desk or table and follow a schedule designed by the teacher. There are often duplicates of the same learning materials for several children to practice the same concept.

Montessori classrooms are inquiry-based with countless purposeful materials that appeal to the child’s senses and real-life experiences. Traditional classrooms at the Early Childhood level are often play-based and/or emphasize rote learning and memorization.

Exceptional Education and Caring Community

” At Centennial Montessori, our daughters have thrived for over 3 years. The outstanding teachers and administrators genuinely care for our children, ensuring their well-being and growth. We are amazed by what our kids are learning, like the fascinating explanation of the moon’s visibility. The positive approach of the teachers is exceptional, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience at Centennial Montessori. Read the full review.

Tracy and Matt

Meaningful Growth and Independence

” After exploring various daycare centers and preschools, we found our favorite in Centennial Montessori. Our daughter’s growth has been remarkable, transitioning from Nido to Toddler to the independent child she is today in the Primary program. The Montessori environment values her individuality, with teachers guiding her along a personalized path of development. We are grateful for the meaningful and purposeful growth she experiences, fostering self-sufficiency and independence. Read the full review.

Angela and William

Nurturing Creativity, Independence, and Kindness

” Centennial Montessori is helping my children to be creative problem solvers, independent thinkers, and caring human beings. The teachers are so encouraging and supportive. And the directors are doing such a great job putting policies and procedures in place to keep children and staff safe during the time of COVID. Maria Montessori would be proud of how her legacy lives on at Centennial Montessori.Read the full review.

Meg and Andrew

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower each child’s unique journey, ensuring they receive a comprehensive Montessori education that nurtures their love for knowledge and supports their holistic growth.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Centennial Montessori is centered on following the child’s interests and developmental readiness.

Our trained Head Guides observe and model lessons based on the individual needs of each child, allowing them the freedom to practice and master concepts at their own pace. Our mixed-age classrooms foster peer learning and inspire developmental milestones, while our Montessori curriculum emphasizes freedom of choice and movement. We provide purposeful materials that engage children’s senses and encourage inquiry-based learning.