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“After visiting many different types of daycare centers and preschools over a period of time, we ultimately decided and favored Centennial Montessori. We have watched our daughter develop in so many ways – from her time spent in Nido to Toddler to this amazing little human in Primary. She thrives in the Montessori environment because the teachers observe her as an individual child, allowing them to guide her to focus on her individual path and development as opposed to categorizing her as part of a collective group of children to learn in a single, specific & structured way. We are so happy and thankful that our daughter can grow and develop in a meaningful & purposeful way, all the while enabling her to be a self-sufficient and an independent child.”

Meg & Andrew

“Centennial Montessori is helping my children to be creative problem solvers, independent thinkers, and caring human beings. The teachers are so encouraging and supportive. And the directors are doing such a great job putting policies and procedures in place to keep children and staff safe during the time of COVID. Maria Montessori would be proud of how her legacy lives on at Centennial Montessori.”

Tracy & Matt

“We have 2 daughters that attend Centennial Montessori–the oldest having been there for over 3 years, and we have been very happy with the experience and feel our kids thrive in this environment. The teachers and office administrators are outstanding, and anytime we’ve had a concern, it has been addressed and followed through. Communication is great with the teachers and administrators, and we really feel our kids are being cared for and that everyone has a genuine care for ours and all the kids. I am amazed often with what our kids are learning and how much more they are able to learn in the Montessori setting. For example, this weekend, my 4 year old daughter explained that the reason we see the moon is because the rays from the sun go around the earth. Was very impressed! The teachers are really exceptional, and we appreciate the positive approach they use with them.”