Nido (“nest” in Italian) is a cozy and loving space intentionally designed for your baby’s rapid development. This infant classroom serves children ages 6 weeks up to 18 months. Your child will develop their core and overall gross motor development in an apparatus free-environment.


Our toddler environment is designed to support the curiosity of your ever-evolving little one. We focus on giving them the independence they desire within a space that is both safe and challenging.‚ÄčOur toddlers are empowered with daily experiences in which they can authentically engage in preparing food, pouring and measuring, and cleaning up messes.


The Primary environment provides children two and a half to six years old a splendid opportunity for work and play independently as well as in group settings. This program is intended to be a three year cycle and is your child’s first introduction to an academic learning environment. While continuing to provide daily practical life skills, we also enrich each child with math, language, science, geography, sensory/motor and cultural studies.